New phone

As my Nokia N70 is starting to bore me, and eats all my battery.. Iv decided to look for a new mobile.
Iv always liked gadgets and cellphones with the ability to customise, and therefor Im looking for a more expensive phone.

These Iv looked at so far..

  • HTC Diamond
  • HTC Touch
  • Nokia N95
  • iPhone 16GB
  • Nokia N96

iPhone is a cool gadget, but with apple software, it’s big size and the monthly cost it’s maybe not the one Im looking for..

What I need and not need?

  • Super 3G is a must
  • WLAN is a must
  • GPS, nice to have… but there is also google maps (if OS allows it)
  • Exchange (nice to have)
  • Camera (dont need it)

Prize? well, not more than $950

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