Smart TV and smart Tablet

Smart TV and smart Tablet

Smart TV and smart Tablet

Lately I’ve found myself watching TV less and less.. to the point where my TV is off for days. (Except a few hours of Tour de France)

But, watching how Google has enabled remote control from my Nexus 7 to the YouTube-app on my Samsung 55′ 3D TV is just plain awesome!

Takes a few sec to connect (scan a QR-code) and then it’s bookmarket.

Now I’m watching HD-movies, concerts, and DSLR-reviews from DigitalRev TV straight on my TV.

Now I hoping for more devices to support MiraCast screen sharing technology.

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  1. personally i prefer a raspberry pi running raspbmc, its more flexible, doesnt require a smart tv and you can use the thing you have in your hand to control it, be that the tv remote, phone or tablet.


  2. Youtube Remote works great for things with Youtube embedded, and it also looks great on Youtube TV (formerly Leanback, available at running on computers hooked on to larger displays. This is the setup I use for my afternoon dose of Youtube on my couch (My TV only leaves the Intel NUC input for the odd Blu-Ray).


  3. The new remote feature in the YouTube app John Holme ? So much more smooth than needing a dedicated remote app! Same thing on Netflix for a little while, but I think it was removed (? Atleast it disappered on my phone..)


  4. What I find myself missing in Android, coming from the iWorld, is something like Airplay, and I don’t think today’s third party apps with support for dlna or some other Airplay hack is good enough!

    Click a button to stream anything media or mirroring from one Android device to another one (android dongle)

    I’ve seen an app lately that seemed to work quite good, but it’s of course not available in the Norways Google play store.

    Any tips for a good solution? And maybe how to get past the block in Norways Google play store?


  5. If you want to get super technical Google selects a device as a reference platform and subsidizes the cost for sale on the play store. They’re not really in the hardware game like Apple is. 

    Now they do actually partner with companies in some hardware design since there are software rules which need to be taken into consideration. This silly no button thing, for instance.


  6. The nexus q is a failed product of which only a few hundred exist. Motorola mobility is a patent portfolio, not a hardware design house. Certainly not of the same vein as HTC or Nokia.

    Either way you’re right this is silly. The boards are assembled by human rights violations.


  7. Xavier Juarez Yes the Nexus Q is a failed product, that just briefly was on the market. Motorola mobility was bought as a patent portfolio, but Google has some decent hardware designers, so we’ll ser.

    I think Google can do a good job in the hardware game, and they’re just getting startet. Only the future can tell


  8. Most of all, Google failed to get the device out to the market that wanted it.

    They need to step up their deployment speed of the full Play services, and when that is global, the time is right for a Play-dependent device.


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