I don’t necessarily disagree with James Olchak

I don't necessarily disagree with James Olchak

I don’t necessarily disagree with James Olchak 

But, combining those two platforms boosts the numbers of members and daily activity on Google+, even beyond Facebook.

But, I love the GIF!!!!! Hahahaha…. Kinda says it all!!

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Originally shared by James Olchak

Hey guess what, everyone.  Have you ever posted a link to Youtube on Google+?  Well now anything you said when you posted that video is on Youtube, for the devoted hordes of twelve-year-olds, angry shut-ins, racists, and homophobes to see, connected irrevocably to your G+ account.

Want to opt out? You can’t. Want to delete all the G+ posts where you posted a video? Doesn’t matter, that shit’s still posted on Youtube. Want to delete your Youtube account? You can’t unless you delete your G+ account, too.

I have it on good authority when assholes from Youtube begin showing up in your threads (something over which you no longer have control over), it’s not a problem, because they can be easily blocked. That’s your solution.  When the assholes show up, you can shovel their shit off of your stream, manually.  That’s your solution.

Here’s your trash, start pickin’ it up.  Thanks, Google, you shitheads.

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  1. Yes, Alice NoWonder 

    They converted all comments to either be connected to your G+ Profile, or they are deleted.. Knowone is anonymous anymore 🙂

    And I love it! 🙂 


  2. I have different account for both platforms and have to sign in into youtube every ~6h. All my subscriptions in both twin-accounts are completely gone. This is such a mess, the OP GIF only touches the problem at its surface.


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