Testing 12009mAh Dual-USB Solar Powered Portable Li-polymer PowerBank from

Testing 12009mAh Dual-USB Solar Powered Portable Li-polymer PowerBank from

Testing 12009mAh Dual-USB Solar Powered Portable Li-polymer PowerBank from

What do you expect for $30.19?

PowerBank is 12cm x 7cm x 1,5cm and weighs 300g.

My Nexus4 is 13cm x 7cm x 0,9cm and weighs 139g.

So, it can easily fit into most pocket my phone does, but it’s weight is over twice as much.

The gadget has 3 ports (5v micro-USB in, and two outlets. 1Amps and 2 Amps) and all of them can be used simultaneously!

How about the charge?

So far I’ve recharged my Nexus4 3 times from 15% to almost 90% and the LED-indicator shows 1 light out of four left. Could I manage to recharge my phone one more time?


In the midst of day, when our sun shines it’s beam upon us, the solar-panel recharges itself within 2 hours (the ad says)

This I will have to see 😛

Haven’t comed so far in my test to actually measure this, but during good sunlight the powerbank doesn’t seem to go empty on the juice.

Build quality is okey.. Plastic held together with 8 screws and tape underneath. Easy to open, but seems solid!

An LED-flashlight can be triggered with the power button. Why, I have no idea, but Chinese people might like the idea of multitasking being able to light their way home while charging. Seems like a good idea, but something I don’t require.

$30 for almost endlessly charge is priceless for a geek like me!

I’m dreaming of a day when manufacturers put solar-panel on the back-side of our mobiles, until the.. This gadget is pretty awesome!!

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  1. I have bad experience with affordable chargers like this. Also bought from DealExtreme. 

    But that did not stop me from ordering a similar battery with solar earlier this week. I’m excited about what it manages in the sun and how long the battery holds before it dies completely.


  2. I’ve noticed Darrin Chandler

    The solar charge will never equal what my phone uses. But, heading out hiking or something I will have at least 3-4 recharge on my phone with a fully charged powerbank.

    Hope for better technology on solar systems in the future.


  3. 1 amp = 1000 mAh

    2 amps = 2000 mAh and so forth..

    At 5 volts 1 amp it takes 12 hours to fully recharge the battery.. My calculations shows.. But, the ad says 2 hours.. I’m stuck! 😦


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