Can you solve this puzzle?

Can you solve this puzzle?

Can you solve this puzzle?

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  1. Multiplication always takes precedence… So the 1×0 should be performed first… Which results in zero. Then you simply add all the other 1’s together.

    The answer is 12


  2. The answer depends on where you put the brackets, as these are not put here. Thinking about it – when there are no brackets, it’ll mean that the addition before the multiplication sign are in brackets. The correct answer is 1


  3. Roy Dahl It’s the other way around; without brackets, it’s multiplication before addition, so that one single «1 x 0» turns to a zero. Adding the 12 ones to the one single 0  = 12

    The answer is 12

    Ah, damn it, there’s two 11’s hidden in there. That makes the answer 30


  4. The answer is 1 the way it’s written. Even if they’re 11s or have implied + signs after each break it would either be 12•0+1=1 or 30•0+1=1. The only way the answer could be different is if there were parentheses around the first 2 lines and then it would be 5+5+1=11. 


  5. Gjermund Buset you can’t assume the first 2 lines are distractions because the field isn’t long enough for all the characters. One has to assume it’s a continuation based on available space.


  6. Nicholas Brickhouse​​ While missing character + at the end of the first 2 lines, it could be like Lars Fosdal​’s solution then. But I cannot see more correct alternatives.


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