Trump claims Apple aiding terrorism. How low can you sink?

Trump claims Apple aiding terrorism. How low can you sink?

Trump claims Apple aiding terrorism. How low can you sink? 

He also says he’ll stop using iPhone, and start using Samsung phone. Good luck asking Samsung/Google to unlock phones for the FBI.

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  1. He is a calculating man with few if any principles. This is just a show to win the majority of republicans. If he becomes the republican candidate, expect him to switch tactics.

    Trust him? No. But the really scary thing is that the other republican candidates are worse. They genuinely intend to put the bible before the constitution and american law. For Donald the bible-trumping is just part of the game.


  2. birger monsen I suppose after that they’ll round all them thar heathens, kill us up some atheists, illegalize booze and dancing and then start a holy war with canada.

    Any other made up fear mongering bull crap you came up with on the John after reading too much Mother Jones while too high to operate heavy equipment, or should we chalk this up to creative writing? Because no one has said anything remotely close to anything you’re saying.


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