14 kommentarer om “The presidential candidates in US is the sum of what’s wrong with our world.

  1. These claims are total bullshit. From all of these allegation drug up by right wing sources and investigated over and over not one has proven true. Benghazi for instance was investigated by 7 separate House investigating panels and cleared, you guessed it, 7 times.


  2. Patrick O’Rourke​ exactly! Is she perfect? Nope… Is she exponentially better because she is more experienced, more caring and has better leadership qualities than anyone else on the GOP? Absolutely.

    I really enjoy the fact that instead of being able to prove themselves better then her, the GOP must attack her and act like bullies to bring her down because they have zero ability to rise themselves! 


  3. Крыстафер Гомес who?? And one person, an advisor can destroy the global economy? What sort of fact devoid conspiracy world is that?


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