We have a PS3 and a PS4.

Just enabled PSN Pluss on the PS4 and was wondering if the same account should receive Pluss on the PS3 (same games, Game-ID and score).

Also, we have loads of games for PS3.. (on disks) Any chance we can have them to work on PS4?

And a final question:

I have kids also, two boys 10 and 14.. My oldest son has a account on his own, but should a activate a sub-account under my authority for the youngest one? Better control over what games he play.. or allow him an account on his own also?

What does parents do these days?

This can also effect the Pluss membership right?

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  1. John Holme​ after a little research, as long as the primary account has plus the sub accounts should have online access. If you need any assistance just let me know.


  2. Thank you soo much guys. I find it very hard locating this info in clear text.

    So, a Sub Account is just like a regular account, only primarily controlled by Primary Account.

    Next task for me to find out then is «can a Sub Account on ps4 log onto a PS3 as a primary account»


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