5 kommentarer om “Obama tells tech community to solve encryption problem now or pay later

  1. Obama shouldn’t poke his nose into something he can’t understand.

    Encryption has become the barrier to protect our civil rights. I therefor ask everyone to enable encryption. 


  2. we’ll always «face more draconian means,» from Congress or «executive orders» from dictators like you. law enforcement is for thr country and its people, the country and its people are NOT for law enforcement… «law enforcement» ALWAYS wants more … maybe you people won’t be happy until you can arrest EVERYBODY … or, at least have us all under surveillance 24/7 … funny thing about all this is that all you lying, crooked, megalomaniac politicians are the one that SHOULD be in jail. Lest anyone misunderstand and feel like their lil’ applecart got kicked over, all of the above refers to ALL politicians in «both» 😉😉 so-called «parties.»


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