All of sudden my Asus U36SD laptop requires HDD Password.

If this password is not set by me.. How can I retrieve this?

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  1. If it’s just based on the BIOS and not some actual encryption, then you can take it apart and remove the CMOS battery for about a minute to clear the CMOS, making the BIOS default to standard settings and forget all set passwords.


  2. Alexander Gries​

    I removed the CMOS battery.

    Assembled the laptop again.

    When booting I came to Bios automatically.

    But now I can’t find the SSD disk.. Returning to Bios all the time…


  3. did you put the battery back in? I think some boards actually complain about that. But what you should also do is press the key that it says is resetting to defaults and then saving those settings (after potentially correcting some, things like boot order for instance). The latter can mostly be done by pressing F10.


  4. The disk was only used for OS and software. All private files are stored in cloud or NAS.

    I’ve disassembled the SSD again, inserted it into a HDD/SSD cradle on a Linux machine. But, I get error message when I’m trying to format the SSD.

    Pictures in my other post «WTF v.3.0»

    Trying to use terminal to locate the disk.. But haven’t found it yet using – sudo fdisk -l


  5. The Vector SSD was never encrypted or password protected. Nor did I have Masterpassword in BIOS.

    But all of a sudden the disk required HDD Password when booting.

    Now I struggle formating the disk using Linux.

    I will not give up! This disk cost my too much!


  6. Then you have «warranty» until 2018. (Warranty is a poor use of word, «Reklamasjonsrett» is the correct norwegian term.) – Five years on everything that is meant to last longer than 2 years.


  7. I know! But, it’s always my fault until proven otherwise.

    The retailers support service can also require payment from me if they conclude the damaged SSD is my fault.


  8. John Holme​ – Nope, it’s the other way around, it’s the professional part who has to provide proof of «nonintentional use», and a laptop hard-drive has quite a large tolerance for intentional use…


  9. The Retailer has just provided me a credit memo for the same money I spent on the SSD.

    Now I have about $235 to spend on new SSD.. But, I don’t know what to choose.

    I dont need 500GB.. Max, 250 or so.. Rest of the $$ I can spend on better RAM..

    But, you got any ideas what brand of SSD I should choose?


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