New work gadget.

New work gadget.

New work gadget.

Microsoft Surface PRO 4

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  1. One big issue with these things is the Windows OS.

    It renders the unit useless while it updates and upgrades.

    Opened the package at 10:00 and could start using the unit at 14:00.

    I also installed Microsoft Office 2016..


  2. Mac ios is pretty to look at, but doesnt come close to linux. Only problem with linux is the extra requirment of knowledge one needs to have in order to properly take advantage of linux. Even if its only few commands and a bit of understanding how its setup.

    Windows is a combination of both.. Doing well on GUI, has all the tools I need, but scores poorly on stability and security.

    But, I can walk into meetings (sales etch..) with Linux. It aint built like that. Linux is, and will always be for nerds.. pardon!


  3. I have used linux as my os on the work laptop for years. The only problem is lync videoconferencing. Apart from that Fedora is far easier to integrate into a microsoft/active directory world than macos.

    Install the chrome extensions for o365 and your sales people will not even notice what you are running 😉


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