After six painful episodes Chris Evans finally is stepping down.

After six painful episodes Chris Evans finally is stepping down.

After six painful episodes Chris Evans finally is stepping down.

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  1. Evans vs Clarkson then I pick Evans every day. To bad that all still screams for Clarkson and co. They will not come back so its time to move on. Who do you want insteed? I say Button and Elba. 😉


  2. Magnus Hermansson Clarkson was crude, but together with the other two guys, they managed to make magic. Evans was just not made for this genre. Matt LeBlanc turned out much better than expected. He needs a partner that clicks with him. No obvious names come to mind – but surely there must be someone out there?


  3. Jenson Button seems like an interesting choice, but will the BBC be able to secure enough of his time for a permanent presenter slot?

    LeBlanc was a lot better than feared. If the rumors are true, he’s also got a lot better chemistry with the other regular presenters. I think it’s possible to do this without replacing Evans, you just rule him out and feature the other four presenters more prominently with LeBlanc as the connecting hub.


  4. Drop Sabine Schmitz! Cute, but she belongs behind a steering wheel doing nothing but the Nurburgring.

    Drop Eddie Jordan! Though he was dead really!

    Try build a comedy roadshow with Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid.

    These guys are funny! These guys knows cars and the chemistry between them reminds me of the old crew!


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