Do you use Google Allo?

Do you use Google Allo?

Do you use Google Allo?

If not, why?

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  1. I’d like another option: I’m ready to use it but no one else I know has it…

    My son likes playing with the included Google Assistant, but I’m yet to use it for anything it was intended for.


  2. John Holme Thanks for the information! So it’s another messaging app almost no one uses…lol. I’m using WhatsApp because all the people which are important to me are using it…doohh


  3. Just make Hangouts better. Allo needs to be able to support multiple devices at the same time and no need for an actual phone number. Messaging from a desktop/tablet/phone I feel is a must these days.


  4. Jim Lian losing sms in Hangouts has sucked. It was awfully nice to be able to carry on a conversation across formats. If they drop the desktop app it’s going to suck even more. I actually use that regularly when I’m at my PC

    Andy Johnson people actually do SMS. I know a few people that are otherwise smart that don’t quite get the messaging idea. Or, they try to message me via FB, which I don’t have the app for, and am taking a hiatus from. Good times.

    My problem with Allo, is that it’s Allo. Phone only, zero cross-platform support even within Google products. You can theoretically have a conversation with non-platform (at least SMS) but the other person gets nagged to install Allo.

    That said, I do like what I’ve heard about Assistant. If/when they merge that with Now, it would really be something.


  5. As John Holme mentioned, that setting lets you combine SMS from your carrier with hangouts. You can even set it so you can use either your carrier number or your Google Voice number. I switched over to this recently and I really like it.


  6. Allo falls short on every Google criteria except one: hooking new users. After initially struggling with reviews, I now see it’s flooded with five stars from so-called «emerging economies». Basically India.

    It’s limited in it’s use, and the design is clearly geared towards indian lorry drivers. Garish and noisy.

    The changes I’d like to see: basically make it Hangouts with Google Assistant, and then fix the performance issues Hangouts has developed.

    More precisely:

    – Google account support

    – Material design

    – Multiple platforms/devices

    – SMS integration

    – Richer media integration

    Since the assistant is of limited use outside of the core english-speaking markets, I’m steering group chats that the others want to migrate out of Hangouts towards Telegram. Why? Because the alternatives are Whatsapp and The Messenger By The Company With The Blue Logo.

    Even Microsoft is taking a seat at the group messaging table these days, pushing hard against Slack and Hangouts in the corporate segment, while Google seems to try actively to trip themselves up.


  7. Damn well written Mr. Willy André Bergstrøm​

    Have been an Android user for a long time now and I’m starting to look outside Google developed apps and services. Starting with Google Drive. Me and my entire family is using Office 365 instead.


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