Trump administration can soon read your emails, brows your cloudfiles and totally strip your privacy online.

Trump administration can soon read your emails, brows your cloudfiles and totally strip your privacy online.

Trump administration can soon read your emails, brows your cloudfiles and totally strip your privacy online.

I’m now working on finding non-US solutions for Google Gmail, Microsoft One drive +++

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  1. That might be a bit of hyperbole. The EO only addresses «personally identifiable information», which is only metadata about your person; your name, address, age, phone number(s) etc.


  2. alenka375​ That is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time. We didn’t complain when Obama was the president. But, I honestly hate Trump and his administration yes!!

    His politics is going to boost terrorism world wide! Especially on US soil. Maybe even to the point that someone will try to JFK him!

    Anders Woje Ellingsen​ I really don’t understand what your saying.


  3. John Holme

    Blocking illegal immigrants from coming in will create more terrorism? Allying with Russia will create more terrorism?

    Creating more jobs will create more terrorism? Banning muslims from coming in will create more terrorism?

    If this made any less sense, we might as well be reading a blank text.


  4. John Holme А если пускать в США нелегальных исламистов то это не будет стимулировать терроризм? Нет ты не за это ненавидишь Трампа, а потому, что он за работающих американцев, которые строят Америку , а ты за бездельников. Ну ….или ты мусульманин .


  5. You an idiot alenka375​

    When was the last time an Syrian refugee made a terrorist attack on America?

    And one other : you say Americans built America. Europeans built America! Fred Trump ancestry is from Germany, and Donald’s mother is Scottish. Donald can’t even find a wife in US!


  6. John Holme 26 ноября 2010 года Мохамед Осман Мохамуд был арестован в тот момент, когда он пытался привести в действие взрывное устройство, спрятанное в автомобиле, припаркованном на улице города Портленд, штат Орегон. Мохамуд рассчитывал, что бомба взорвется в разгар праздничной церемонии – включения рождественской иллюминации.

    10 сентября 2010 года Наджибулла Зази привез в Нью-Йорк взрывчатку, которую собирался использовать для взрыва бомб в метро. Однако два дня спустя Зази заподозрил, что за ним следят, и вернулся из Нью-Йорка в Денвер. ФБР обнаружило взрывчатку .

    За период с 11 сентября 2001 года в США было предотвращено 48 терактов.


  7. John Holme I think you need to drop the banhammer on a couple of these nuts.

    Bring your cloud storage home (Nextcloud is perfect for this, plus calendar, contacts, a mail client and video calls all available to switch on and sync to your devices).

    Mail I guess protonmail is a good option.

    Fairfone or any CM/Lineage-supported device (OnePlus 3, etc?) will allow you to use Android but strip out Google if that’s your preference.

    Ubuntu (or a.n.other Linux OS) on your desktop will rid you of Microsoft’s constant data gathering in Windows 10.

    Depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

    I’m hosting a Nextcloud server in EU DC if you fancied testing that out, it won’t be free (server costs) but I don’t run it for profit.


  8. Thanx Jason Bayton​

    I’ve made the transfer to ProtonMail. Pretty simple and easy to use email server and Android App. Good choice, I guess.

    As for storage I’ve had JottaCloud for a long time. They’ve granted me unlimited storage capacity for a decent price.

    But, they don’t have a proper file viewer etch. (Like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) working on having this set up on both mobile, PDA and PC.

    And I’m already in the transition to Linux. Running Linux on both home server, Raspberry Pi and a laptop.

    My kids are deeply connected in Windows, both via Homework (school) and Gaming.


  9. I wrote a long comment but it vanished. OK.

    Gaming is getting better on Linux particularly with Steam, but there’s still a way to go to seeing big titles admittedly.


  10. i would like 2no where the info came from that the gov. can now look@ my files on cloud or email with no probale cause? Collection is different than reading or copying…. although I dont even like them being able to collect its different than reading, copying, etc. BTW in the sixties i was involved in tape recording many phone calls without a warrent, it was routinly done for so called testing. HAS ALWAYS happened and ALWAYS will. My motto has always been never say anything I was afraid of others to hear unless it was alone with one other person.



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