Can you understand what Google is up to?

Can you understand what Google is up to?

Can you understand what Google is up to?

With apps like Allo, Duo and Hangouts it seems Google have an conflict of interest whether or not to kill one or two apps, and then develop one or two new apps.

Google has lost the the battle of IM usage with their fiddleing around to Facebook Messenger.

IM+SMS+MMS+all platforms is no longer available with Google accounts.

But it seems they continue to develop Hangouts for iOS.

I for one has almost quit using Hangouts and now uses Facebook Messenger for IM and Signal for text.

Where is the innovation Google? Where has it gone?

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  1. I don’t think they quite understand it themselves… Hangouts is the only one that has got some kind of traction, duo/allo is functions they had in hangouts, it needed TLC, but it was there. Now they just rip things apart, they want an unique app for absolutely everything. -like iPhone in the early days..


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  3. I’ve been wondering the same John Holme. Why cant they just get it right ? I think they need to focus on one voip solution that is cross platform, fully featured on both desktop and mobile and lightweight. Simple as that 😉 Trends are shifting, my kids are using Discord to connect with friends. Who will be dominant tomorrow ? Sometime in the future we will go down memorylane and ask «Does anyone remember Facebook?»


  4. For me, Hangout has since 2008, been the perfect platform. Offshore, you can’t/couldn’t bring your phone. Hangout it’s fully integrated into Gmail and contact list on your Android device. That makes it possible to call and text people from my PC, and reach people world wide, as long they either have Android or installed Hangout to their iPhone.

    So Google should integrate all of the Allo and Duo function to hangout. Or just overbidding Facebook while they bought WhatsApp, and merged both platforms​.


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