Hi guys!

Hi guys!

Hi guys!

Anyone of you using CC for streaming content from local NAS?

I’m using 4TB Buffalo NAS, Android App: LocalCast (DLNA/UPnP)

Lately Ive been having some issues and im thinking of getting setup with something else.

If anyone has a better setup, please share 🙂

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  1. Both Eric Lotgerink and Ryan Standeven have good solutions. I’d consider using a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 to deliver the content via Plex. I don’t know about the DLNA/Samba differences I’m afriad.


  2. I’ve got a RPi3 running Kodi/Libreelec. Along with using Android App: Kore; I can easily run about any type of video file. It’s practically amazing!!

    But, I’ve got a telly in my bedroom and want a simple solution using ChromeCast for watching local (NAS) files..

    It seems someone ( LocalCast​ or Google Chromecast​) has disabled a few codex lately. (mpeg, h256…)

    So many of my files are no longer playable via LocalCast


  3. John Holme I’ve recently been fighting the h265 battle myself..ha ha. Pretty much any bought NAS solution or RPi NAS (like mine) haven’t got a hope in hell of Transcoding H265 video to H264 which is the best codec a majority of hardware (including CC, except for the CC Ultra) can handle. H265 is simple not hard-coded into it’s design unfortunately. So you really need some pretty decent processing power to overcome that. A YT channel called Bit my Bytes has many great videos on this (targeted at Plex servers but the theory holds true everywhere).

    Although it’s not what you want, you could consider getting a Pi Zero W and use that as a Kodi interface on your bedroom TV? Alternatively, the free solution is to use Handbrake to do a one-time H265 > H264 transcode. You’ll overcome the issues then.


  4. Thanx for clearing up the issue Darryl Gibbs​

    It’s the h264-h265 code that’s the issue..

    The RPi3 has WiFi.. Maybe I should buy another one and use that in the bedroom.. Girls be impressed ha? Lol


  5. This is evolving to become a bigger task than expected.

    Without custom Firmware on my NAS is doesnt support Plex.

    I don’t want to run custom firmware on it.. so I’m thinking of using a RPi2 and run that one as a Plex Server, gathering media from NAS and other local storage.

    I’ve now started an Plex account (free version for now) and has started collecting codes for programming the RaspberryPi..

    But, this being a Forum for LocalCast I’ll post the entire setup on my profile rather than here.. A bit of netiquette is in its place! 🙂


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