Twitter enabled me to start using 280 characters a few days ago.

Twitter enabled me to start using 280 characters a few days ago.

Twitter enabled me to start using 280 characters a few days ago. I’m not sure providing us with 2xTweet will boost usage and more users, but it doesn’t harm aither.

But, it’s hard going from short and consistent to 280 characters. Time will show!

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  1. When I get it I’m going to aim to keep tweets short, snappy. And will just use the extra space where I would historically have tried multiple edits on occasion to make the tweet understandable.


  2. Is this only on the web interface? I use Twitter on the Android and Windows apps more often than not so, if it’s being turned on for browser users only, I would have no idea.

    Twitter’s brevity is it’s selling point, but really, who can get a thought out in 140 characters or less? Certain not more intelligent people. Sadly, those people who need more space to share ideas don’t think of the Ploos first.


  3. Cool. I didn’t know if they were going to be activating the expanded tweeting capability through apps or not.

    What kind of stuff do you tweet about , John Holme?


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