The Gyro on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is totally messed up. Photos are upside down and apps spin upside down constantly except when I lock the rotation.

Going to run a hard reset tonight. Hoping that will fix it.

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  1. Let me know how that works out for you. I’ve had some problems with mine as well (shooting a photosphere, then suddenly it thinks I’m pointing in another direction than I actually am)


  2. Hi G.T. Hvidsten​​​​​ After days and weeks of furiously searching the web I though of a possible solution.

    If I force a fake calibration it might retur data I could work from.

    And ut worked!

    Press Call button

    Type: * # 0 * # (without spaces)

    Place your phone on a uneven surface. Like it’s tilted 1% out of level. (use a coin or something to build it up in one end)

    Head to Sensor and thereafter run a Gyro Selftest.

    The result will show Test Failed.

    Restart your phone and run the test on a level surface.

    Then you should get Test Success–wC-VBgObPflAiUtPVqPYhqHLGASs=s0


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