who is listening without my knowledge?

who is listening without my knowledge?

who is listening without my knowledge?

These days a huge amount of App-developers has received warning from FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for spying in audio and data traffic with their apps.

The technology has been identified as Silverpush and allows them to record what TV your watching, games you play and what’s being discussed in your environment. You can search for about 250 of these apps in Google Play: «alphonso automated»

But, researchers estimate its 4 times as many apps just in Google Play. This has to stop Google​

These days I’m looking for an app or function to disable all usage of mic and my kids especially without my permission.

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  1. Hmm, I went in settings for my two latest mobile phones and looked at which had access to the microphone, but there were none that did not pretty obviously need it. (Like Google, Skype etc.) Perhaps I just don’t download a lot. But probably a good idea to do a check just in case. I am not sure when Android began to let you turn on and off such permissions at will, but it’s been a couple years I think. On old phones I could not install apps like Facebook and Twitter because they basically demanded access to everything on my phone just to let me install or update them.


  2. Personelly I don’t need having any apps listening on mic without me pushing the mic button like voice search in Google. But I know for a fact Google is listening!

    I need a solution disabling all usage of mic except when I press the mic button


  3. Seems like it +Gjermund Buset

    Thanks man! I’ll give it a go!

    Lately I’ve been bombarded by Boxer ads a day after my girlfriend started to dizz my wardrobe. I’m pretty sure Google sold that audio to every manufacturer of man’s boxers.

    Just horrified how this data can be used with my kids!


  4. John Holme Google doesn’t do anything like that. Companies buying ads on Google, bid on words and demographics. Companies don’t get your information, searches or anything from Google directly.

    It’s just been Christmas. Google knows your age and sex. Boxer selling company likely placed an Adwords bid on males 20-50.

    Also, take a look at your search history and assistant timeline. Everything Google register is listed there.

    You should also check the source of the ads as they may be Facebook’s ads. I’ve been bombarded with certain types of ads on sites showing Facebook ads after someone tagged me in some post about it on Facebook.


  5. I believe theres an app called snoop wall……i think its a firewall and you may have to get it from the website…..I know its secure and it gives you the option to turn on or off every permission for every app regardless of what the app requires…i think theres a month free trial….let me know if you decide to check it out and what you think


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