3 kommentarer om “Facebook now force you to except new rules! European-citizens should all #deletefacebook

  1. Maybe so Jeff Strubberg

    I read Facebook would have to pay 1,6bn (about 4 percent of its global revenue) if they break the rules.

    That is kinda not helping me!

    Instead.. Ive been privileged to be able to use FB with EU-law protecting my data. Now that FB moves to US, I’m forced to say godbye to my right to protect data!

    Also, US-law is more flimsy when it comes to civil-rights!


  2. Jeff? You’ve never been to Europe have you? ☺

    We take civil rights pretty serious! You as an American should know, we learned you this a few hundred years ago! GDPR is a collaborative law amongst EU, Asia, Australia etch about how data can be used with and without my approval! I don’t care if US find this difficult!


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