This is why I struggle with Google. The same function separated in four different apps..

This is why I struggle with Google. The same function separated in four different apps..

This is why I struggle with Google. The same function separated in four different apps..

Latest app to arrive is Hangouts Chats.. And what it does? Probably the same thing as the rest of them..

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  1. John Holme It is not the same service. None of the 4 apps does the same thing.

    I do believe they should just have changed the name but I guess the «Hangouts-brand» still have enough value to keep building on it.


  2. I do see your point, but it looks messy having four apps looking the same and doing almost the same. Txt and talk..

    You can call a Hangout member and not having the Hangouts Dialer, you can have a meet in Hangouts and not use Hangout Meet.. Business or not, regular Hangouts need service and not spending time making duplikats..


  3. John Holme I can definitely understand the confusion but I still don’t see them as duplicates. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the original Hangouts gets either phased out or redesigned to coexist with Chat and Meet.


  4. Tais P. Hansen I’ve stopped using Facebook and Messenger, and in the need of a stable chat solution (phone/pc) that friends and family easily can find and use. Phasing out Hangouts (as it looks) puts communication back decades!


  5. John Holme I’ve been forced to use Facebook Messenger because pretty much everyone I know or meet uses that.

    I actually prefer using Allo these days as my immediate family all uses that, but now it seems it might get merged into Android Messages and if that means it gets limited to SMS messages, then I’ll probably drop that again.

    WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram doesn’t really appeal to me for some reason.


  6. Tais P. Hansen I’m using Signal as primary sms service. I’m actually that old I’m still asking people for the phone nr, rather than what their called on social media..

    I liked Allo for about a week or so.. The lack of PC support and no sms support I just lost interest.


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