En kommentar om “HuffPost: Obama, Bush Asked To Speak At John McCain’s Funeral; Trump Told To Stay Away.

  1. And rightly so.

    Remember when we thought Bush was a crazy fool and the worst president ever? He’s looking better every day now.

    His post-presidential work alongside Bill Clinton has given me a respect for the man I never had while he was in office, especially his work for wounded veterans and for cancer research.

    McCain was the last remaning Republican statesman (with Bernie Sanders arguably the last remaining on the left). By no means a saint, but an honorable and principled man in a steadily filthier game.

    It is only fitting that the last proper presidents from both parties speak at his funeral, and considering the petty moves by The Orange One it is best for everyone if he just stays away (and someone tapes some oven mittens over his hands for the duration of the ceremony).


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