Google shutting down Hangouts and Allo later next year!

Google shutting down Hangouts and Allo later next year!

Google shutting down Hangouts and Allo later next year!

In a blogpost today Google tells why it’s shutting down all communication-apps and their next big plan for how we should communicate.

Problem is that «we» (Former Google Fan Boys and Girls) have already moved on from Beta->Launch>laterDead apps and services from Google.

I do understand that trial-end-error is an everyday situation, even for Google. But, these last years they have proven them self to not be genuine and reliable enough. If you just added SMS to Allo and PC-support?????

I’ve downloaded my data (700ish GB) and already started the transition to other platforms.


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  1. That just sounds weird.. But, allowing SMS support doesnt fit Google’s datacollection primary.. But, this also goes to show how bad Google is to develop enything last 5 years..


  2. Allo was a lame duck from the start. The app was so focused on appealing to the next billion it looked like the decorations on the bus to Bangalore.

    I think opening enterprise Hangouts for consumers is the better choice in the long run. It’s what Hangouts should have become anyway, and they cannot take Allo behind the shed and shoot it fast enough…


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